New Streaming Server


Welcome to the home of the Top Secret Radio Network!

The new website is still under somewhat constant maintenance. E-mail the admins any comments or concerns you may have, and it'll be taken care of. Sooner or later, anyway.

The Top Secret Radio Network is committed to bringing you the finest in Internet Radio Entertainment. Our dedicated staff of Playlist Jockeys consistently provides family-friendly music, discussions of current affairs and politics.

Raise your hand, everyone who believed that. Now go buy yourself a sense of humor.

We're here to have fun. The DJs are a collective of the wacky, the crazy, the somewhat insane, and perhaps even the -- gasp! -- normal. The channel they broadcast on brings music, both good and bad, rants and raves, political humor, 'news' and general goofiness.

Kick back, grab a Coke, eat some pizza, and try not to get any on your monitor.

Oh, and remember... Shh! It's a secret!