AIM: DJ Adhemar

[Radio Free Adhemar]
Modern rock, Oldies, 70s Pop, Techno, Bluegrass, Eclectic mix, occasional forays off to the odd and sometimes the downright bizarre. A show that will make you say "I want to hear that again!" or "I haven't head that in year!", and occasionally "Never play that again. Ever."
Requests cheerfully entertained! Contact the DJ for more information.

[Internet Pro Musica]
Music from before AD 1600, with occsional forays into the Baroque.

AIM: DJ Killernurd

[hacked broadcast.]
Sit and write your code by light of moon and monitor as you listen to the soothing (and not-so-soothing) sounds of Killernurd's library. Electronica, Techno, Metal, Grunge, Industrial, Rock, Pop, Classical, Folk, Filk, Strange and Bizarre music is the special order of the evening, ranging from Enya to Chant to Disturbed to Frank Zappa to Beethoven and Banya. Requests are forcefully demanded and cheerfully accepted; feel free to make any request, including that the DJ stop singing. (The DJ will not be held responsible for his responses to some requests)

Illya Kuryakin
AIM: IllyaKuryakinWKO

[Bomb Shelter Radio]